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About Us

Blue Seas Franchise Consulting helps franchisors navigate the choppy waters of global growth.

Five Core Franchise Consulting Services:

1. How to Franchise a Business | Franchise Formation:

Asking yourself recently “How do I franchise my business?” Is your concept/brand ready to franchise? Franchising, while not rocket science is not easy. Franchise consultants are guides in this journey.

2. Franchise Marketing:

B2C & B2B lead generation is the core to any franchise concept’s success.

3. Franchise Sales | Outsourced Development | Franchise Sales Training:

We work with and improve your franchise sales team, we conduct franchise sales training programs for your entire organisation, or we sell for you while you focus on franchise operations and royalty growth.

4. Franchise Operations:

Improve, Enhance, Manage, Monitor, Digitize, or Support of your franchise operations. In-region & in-person are simply more effective for training, support, and compliance.

5. Master Franchise | Area Developer Assistance:

Master/Area partners excel beyond current levels when utilising the same services seen above.

Who We Are

Our franchise consultants have experience with all types of franchisors (start-up, growth, mature, small, medium, large) looking to embark upon, improve, and/or enhance their franchise concept and international presence.
    • We are franchise consultants permanently located in Europe and Indo-Pacific (Asia, Oceania, Middle East, Africa)
    • Over 35 years of cumulative experience as franchise consultants on formation, marketing, sales, development, operations, and support
    • Our passion is to help franchisors exceed targets while managing day-to-day business challenges

Cultural sensitivity, multilingual environments, travel, and time differences can all represent various challenges for different franchisors and can often escalate costs and reduce positive outcomes if not managed properly. Blue Seas Franchise Consulting helps franchisors prosper within these constraints.

Scott is a leader & franchise consultant who relishes in connecting companies and entrepreneurs, via franchise concepts or more traditional business partnerships, across global cultures and boundaries. Franchise consulting requires one to be open to networking, idea sharing, and connecting between industries.


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Scott McDaniel, MBA

Managing Director – Blue Seas Franchise | Franchise Consultant | Franchise Development | Registered Management Consultant - Singapore

With the phrase “The medium is the message” coined by Marshall McLuhan, Sher strives to learn from different corporations to produce the best results for each individual brand.

She is the founder of Fishbone Creative.


Sher Hui Chan

Head of Marketing, Founder of Fishbone Creative

Christopher is an experienced executive supporting franchise development.


Christopher Gehr

Franchise Consultant | Franchise Development

With my marketing and franchising background with a long standing proven record ,and good coommunication and fluency in English and Chinese.

I bring Western brands into the Asia Market and expand it.

Currently I am the sole franchise consultant for a number of well known fitness brands.


Xiao Saunders

Franchise Consultant | Franchise Development

Craig has established, managed, consulted and supported dozens of professional service businesses all over Asia, North America and other parts of the world. In his experience he has designed, managed and supported all manner of commercial partnerships ranging from joint ventures to master franchise agreements.


Craig Chandler

Franchise Consultant | Franchise Development – Australia & New Zealand/Oceania

Michael is an experienced executive supporting International business in Europe, The Middle East, Africa and Asia/Pacific regions.


Michael Smith

Affiliate Consultant - Europe






Blue Seas Franchise Consulting is your solution for franchise formation and global growth. Our franchise consultants can craft a customized formation and/or expansion plan, be your boots on the ground, or just provide franchise advice along your journey.

Our Values

    • No Nonsense
    • Hard Work
    • Genuine Respect
    • Transparency
    • Analyze & Improve
    • Deliver or Walk Away

Simple, right? If only everyone in international business was the same.

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