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Franchise Sales Outsourcing is the largest segment of our business. FSO provides start-to-finish “full cycle” franchise development, from lead creation to contract signing, for our clients. Blue Seas will

    • recommend and manage lead generation marketing
    • manage all communication with franchise candidates
    • distribution of sales materials & legal disclosure
    • manage all leads through the entire franchise sales process
    • handle contract negotiation

We look, feel and operate like a member of the franchisors’ internal organization, working with marketing, operations, and executives to coordinate activities. Our fulfillment model is shared risk.

While many franchisors understand brokers, they may not understand Franchise Sales Outsourcing (FSO). Brokers may provide you leads and consultants may provide ideas. Blue Seas FSO provides a full suite of franchise sales services on an ongoing basis, allowing our clients to focus on their operations and marketing.


Franchise Sales Outsourcing services include:

Franchise Operations Blue Seas Franchise Consulting 12
    • Sales Plan and Lead Generation Plan
    • Initial lead handling
    • Database Input and Management
    • Materials Distribution
    • Preliminary Candidate Qualification
    • Agreement Disclosure and Legal Compliance
    • Manage and Host Discovery Days
    • Financing and Site Selection Support (via 3rd-party)
    • Negotiating and Closing the Sale
    • Pre-and Post-Franchise Sales Closing Support
    • Ongoing Management Reporting

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